What's New as of January 28th, 1998

Changes For This Release

The following changes have been made to dt Version 10.12:
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Last modified: December 8th, 1999


im2fast% dt if=/dev/rrz0c iotype=random disable=compare runtime=3m enable=debug aios=250
dt: Attempting to open input file '/dev/rrz0c', mode = 00...
dt: Input file '/dev/rrz0c' successfully opened, fd = 9
dt: Data limit set to 1050040320 bytes, 2050860 blocks...
dt: Allocated buffer at address 0x14002e000 of 516 bytes, using offset 0
dt: Allocated buffer at address 0x140030000 of 516 bytes, using offset 0
dt: Allocated buffer at address 0x140034000 of 516 bytes, using offset 0
	    [  entered here to abort test... ]

Total Statistics:
      Input device/file name: /dev/rrz0c (Device: RZ26B, type=disk)
           Data pattern read: 0x39c39c39 (data compare disabled)
     Total records processed: 1080 @ 512 bytes/record (0.500 Kbytes)
     Total bytes transferred: 552960 (540.000 Kbytes, 0.527 Mbytes)
      Average transfer rates: 35829 bytes/sec, 34.989 Kbytes/sec
     Number I/O's per second: 69.978
      Total passes completed: 0
       Total errors detected: 0/1
          Total elapsed time: 00m15.43s
           Total system time: 00m00.08s
             Total user time: 00m00.01s
               Starting time: Wed Jan 28 10:17:32 1998
                 Ending time: Wed Jan 28 10:17:48 1998

dt: All requests completed before cancel...
dt: Closing file '/dev/rrz0c', fd = 9...